Book Release: Date Announced

After 7 months of writing, editing, re-writing, reconnecting with old friends, printing, red pen, photography, illustration, re-editing, drafts, versions 1-100 and plenty of tinkering.. We are ready to go!

Cricket: A Leading Edge for Captains will be released on Friday 12th August as an ebook and officially lanuched at Compton Dundon Cricket Club when Wes talks at the club’s 60th anniversary dinner on 13th October.

The whole process of getting a book from a pile of pieces of blank paper has been very enjoyable and Wes and Patrick would like to offer their many thanks to the people who have kindly taken the time to make their wonderful contributions to the book, which we know will make all the difference to the readers, allowing young players an insight into the mind of 1st class, minor county, club, district and school captains from all over the world! To all of our contributors, thank you very much indeed.

We have one final annoucement to make regarding the foreword, but that can wait a few days! One can’t have everything at once!!          @aleadingedge1          #aleadingedge

The Finishing Touches

After a couple of weeks of red ink, changes, more ink of various colours and more changes, additions and improvements, we find ourselves on the brink of being able to bring you our new book, Cricket – A Leading Edge for Captains.

We have been collecting wonderful contributions from current and past captains, umpires and coaches which help us to illustrate some of the aspects of the job of captaincy that we cover in the book. For these contributions we are hugely grateful. It has been a great experience for us to read through these comments and get an insight into the minds of some of the best captains we have played with and against over our careers. We are very excited about bringing them to you inside this book.

We are very nearly in a position to give you a release date, so keep watching on social media (Facebook & Twitter) and on our web site here, for more information.


Leading Edge Free Sample Downloads

We are nearly there.. A week or so of final edits and then we will be ready to go! We are very excited to be bringing you this book, which we hope will be read by cricketers young and old, girls and boys of all ages and talked about in dressing rooms up and down the country!

As we build up to our release date in October, we wanted to make available a few sections from the book which you might find useful. We will also be making a section of the book available for free download so you can see where we are coming from with A Leading Edge for Captains.

We are very grateful to the captains of cricket teams, umpires and coaches from around the world who have been kind enough to share their thoughts on captaincy which will be included in the book. It has been a great exercise to find out the advice and thoughts on captaincy which captains with experience consider important to pass on to younger players. We hope you also enjoy reading their words which you will find sprinkled throughout the book!

We intend this to be the first in a series of ‘Leading Edge’ books and have started with the initial planning for the next edition, ‘A Leading Edge for Bowlers’!

In the meantime, please find here a few pages which we hope you find useful!

Welcome to A Leading Edge!

We are two cricketers, collaborating with the aim of sharing our knowledge & understanding of cricket, in thought provoking & inspirational publications.
Our first book, Cricket Captaincy for Aspirational Leaders (working title), is well underway.
Welcome to A Leading Edge
Wesley Durston & Patrick Latham