A Leading Edge for Rutland Schools

This week sees the exciting launch of our ‘A Leading Edge for Rutland Schools’ project, thanks to support from Schoolwear Solutions and Ian Guyler.

Below is a copy of the letter written to all Rutland Schools announcing the project. We are delighted to have taken bookings from schools to visit and speak to the children about positive leadership and look forward to securing more school visits in the coming weeks.

To whom it may concern,

I write with exciting news to let you know that thanks to Schoolwear Solutions and Ian Guyler Business Consulting, A Leading Edge Publications will be delivering two complimentary copies of our book to your school in the next few weeks.

A Leading Edge for Captains’ is a new educational book, written by Wesley Durston and Patrick Latham, two county cricketers turned cricket coaches, is a book aimed at young people interested in developing a greater understanding of positive leadership and management. The book uses the sport of cricket as a vehicle to illustrate many points relevant to life in general and more directly helping young players to understand in more detail the role of the cricket captain. We are about to enter one of the biggest summers for English cricket with the Ashes plus a World Cup in England and Wales in the same year. The summer of 2019 will be all about the cricket!

Schoolwear Solutions, supported by Ian Guyler, have kindly sponsored A Leading Edge in delivering the book to every school in Rutland. Your school will receive two books, one of which A Leading Edge would like to be placed in the school library, giving the whole school community access to the content. The second book, we would like the school to use as an award for a student in their school who has shown good positive leadership skills, an interest in captaincy or a position of leadership within the school or to a student that the school feels would benefit from the contents of the book. The award must be the choice of the school, and A Leading Edge authors Wesley and Patrick would be happy to present the book to your school in person.

As part of the sponsorship arrangements, Wesley and Patrick will be available to a number of the Rutland Schools for follow up coaching sessions, group mentoring talks and year group assemblies on positive leadership, drawing on various points from the book to help the students understand more about the art of captaincy and the responsibilities of the role. If you would like to find out more about A Leading Edge and arrange a visit in your school, please contact us via email aleadingedge@hotmail.com.

We would like to thank Schoolwear Solutions and Ian Guyler for their foresight and belief in our project ‘A Leading Edge for Schools’, and ultimately enabling us to deliver these books and our positive message on leadership and captaincy to your school.

We very much look forward to hearing from you with regard a visit to your school and we very much hope that your students and staff enjoy reading our book. Watch out for the package, which will arrive with you before the Easter holiday! If your school is on Twitter, you can follow us on @aleadingedge1 to keep up to date with the latest information on ‘A Leading Edge for Rutland Schools’.

Yours in Sport,

Wesley Durston & Patrick Latham

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