A Leading Edge XI vs The West Norfolk Cricket Club

A beautiful sunny afternoon at the start of the summer holidays and we find ourselves at the beautifully scenic Oakham Town CC in the heart of Rutland for the first ever A Leading Edge team to take to a cricket field. Our guests are the West Norfolk Cricket Club, run by and featuring members of the Stanton family on a short tour to the area.

The day was a great opportunity for like minded, mostly horribly out of form cricketers, to get together and shake the dust off a few jazz hats (featuring Felsted, Greshams, Oakham, Ipswich, Kimbolton amongst others).

The result, largely irrelevant, went in favour of the hosts by 3 wickets with just an over to go, but much enjoyment was had by all and the grounding for a new team was created for years to come.



3.7.19 was the date that A Leading Edge was fielded for the first time, and plans are now in place to put together teams of cricket coaches to play in a select fixture list of four or five fixtures over the summer of 2020. The qualification to play for A Leading Edge will be if you are an official cricket coach in school, college or university cricket. Both men and women will be very welcome to play for the side!

If you would like to register an interest to either play, umpire or score for A Leading Edge or if you would like to host a fixture against a potentially very strong wandering side featuring ex-internationals, county cricketers and high level club players, please contact Wes or Patrick at aleadingedge@hotmail.com

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