Products Cricket: A Leading Edge for Captains
written and illustrated by Wesley Durston & Patrick Latham.
A thought-provoking look at captaincy for all school and club cricketers who want to find out more about captaining a team, the hidden side of the job and a few tips to help you on your way. This book is a must for any young player or aspiring club captain who loves the game and wants to find out more about captaining a cricket team.

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Please find bellow short simple training and development ideas. We very much enjoy hearing your feedback, so please do leave us a message with what you think of the ideas and how they work (or not) for you either below or on our Twitter (@aLeadingEdge1) or Facebook (@aleadingedge) pages.

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A Leading Edge Cricket Pairs Score Sheet to 12 a side

Session 1 Back to bowling 30 minutes

Session 2 Batting working on movement 5 minutes

Session 3 Batting Watching the Ball and Balance 10 to 15 mins

Session 4 Bowling Improving leg action 15 to 20 minutes

Session 5 All Rounder Circuit 45 minutes

Session 6 Diving Catch and Throw 25 minutes

Session 7 Shot Specific Inclusive Game 45 mins

Session 8 Timed 9 ball Fielding Challenge 10 mins

Session 9 The Line of the Bat Through The Ball 15 mins

Session 10 Developing a Consistent Line 30 minutes

Session 11 Back to Basics with the Ball 15 minutes