A Leading Edge to play live INDOPAK Cup Dice Cricket Series

To find out more about the INDOPAK Cup, please visit: www.CricketWorld.comIn the current world situation, #DiceCricket is the best place for all your live cricket on Social Media, and this summer A Leading Edge (www.aleadingedge.co.uk) have hosted inter-school matches, club matches & friendlies. There is an ongoing ladies ‘winner stays on’ championship featuring teams from County & KSL Cricket, Olympians and Paralympians, current and ex-international sides, with many more surprises to come over the summer. You can also catch all of the 2020 County Dice Cricket Championship season, as A Leading Edge work closely with Cricket World to bring you the entire UK county cricket season with daily updates and match reports, scorecards photos and stats from all of the 18 first class county sides.
The next step, therefore, was obviously to play some international cricket! And what better way to get this started than to have a two-match series between the two ODI giants India & Pakistan, allowing the roll of a single dice to decide which incredible cricketing nation comes out on top!
A Leading Edge and Cricket World have linked up with PitchVision to bring you live coverage of the ‘Cricket World INDOPAK Cup’, featuring all of the top ODI players from both nations as they prepare to go head to head in a two-match series with game 1 on Tuesday 2nd June and game 2 on Thursday 4th June. Both games will be brought to you live, with ball-by-ball coverage supplied by PitchVision.com.
‘Dice Cricket’ is a new game book written and designed by Wesley Durston and Patrick Latham, two ex-cricketers turned coaches, based in Oakham England, and allows the player to play seven forms of cricket using a single dice. The book is available on Amazon.co.uk as paperback and Kindle eBook editions. The rules allow players to play on their own or in teams, to pick their own sides, or pit their favourite professional teams against each other in a Single Wicket game; 5, 10, 20, 50 over matches as well as 4 day County and 5 day Test matches. The games, whilst being slightly faster paced than reality, produce truly lifelike and realistic scores, with each roll of the dice being a specified outcome, which varies from number to number and from format to format.
For the purpose of the #INDOPAK series, A Leading Edge will be using the 10 over format, in which 5 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 2 overs each. All rules remain the same, but from experience, a score below 150 is probably not going to be enough to win you the game. Scores in the region of 160-165 are a challenge to beat, whilst 170+ will take some beating! The matches are expected to last for between 45 minutes and an hour each.
A Leading Edge, Cricket World and PitchVision are very much looking forward to bringing you the first of the two-match series on Tuesday 2nd June at 11am (GMT). Updates can be followed on Twitter through @aleadingedge1, @Cricket_World @pitchvision, but ball by ball updates and live scoring can be followed on the PitchVision web site. Points will be awarded as follows; win 3 points, tie 1 point, loss 0 points.
A Leading Edge very much look forward to bringing you the first ever #DiceCricket International Cricket Series, and can’t wait for you to join them for the live toss at 10:45am in Karachi for Game 1 on Tuesday 2nd June.

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