Dice Cricket – Play seven forms of the game of cricket using just one dice

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‘Dice Cricket’, a new book from A Leading Edge, which includes rules for 7 formats of cricket that can be played with a single dice, is now available from Amazon.co.uk for just £9.99 for paperback and £4.99 for Kindle Edition. The book outlines the rules for all forms of the game of cricket and is a great way to play the game at home or on the go using a single dice. The game book is a fantastic way to integrate families, giving time away from screens and providing a fun and competitive environment for everyone to play. As the cover suggests, the young can very easily challenge the ‘experienced’ as whilst the rules produce realistic scores and scorecards, the playing field is levels due to this being a game of chance. We have seen wonderful videos of grandparents who love and miss playing the game involved in hard fought T20 matches with their young grandchildren! It is a fantastic way for all the family to spend time and for new people to cricket to learn some of the rules of the game.

Over the 2020 summer, A Leading Edge is playing all the County Championship Cricket matches using the #DiceCricket rules whilst no first class cricket is able to be played due to COVID-19. You can follow the County summer on www.cricketword.com where all the results, scores, stats and match reports can be found at the close of play after each scheduled day.

Along side these ongoing matches, A Leading Edge is playing a number of live #DiceCricket matches in support of ladies cricket. The ‘Winner Stays On Championship’ involves ladies cricket teams from all over the world and is a fantastic way to champion female cricketers, sports women and sporting charities. A Leading Edge are looking for challengers, so if you have a ladies cricket team, please get in touch and ask for more details about how you can get involved. So far we have had the following teams involved: The Marko Marvels, a village team from Rutland who played against Charlotte Edwards’ 2009 World Cup winners, Lightning KSL, The Mintridge Foundation, Somerset CCC Ladies and Brazil Ladies.

A Leading Edge have also been very pleased to support schools during this period of difficulty, and have assisted by playing live school matches between rival schools much to the delight of the teams who in some instances have all watched the live games together via Zoom with their coaches. The games have been an excellent source of coaching opportunities as during the game being played the coach and players can discuss the various situations that the game brings up. How would you approach this situation in a real game? This is the scenario, how do you approach it as a batter? As a bowler? As a captain? Where do you put your fielders? It was wonderful to hear how the coach was able to use the situation to help his team better understand the game and what to do in particular situations. A Leading Edge are looking to assist more schools over the coming weeks during what should be the height of the school cricket season. If you would like to arrange a match between your school and your local rivals, or perhaps house matches, please get in touch.



If you like Dice Cricket, why not try another book by A Leading Edge, entitled ‘Dice Sports’ where you can play 11 different sports again using just a single dice. Dice Sports is available on Amazon.co.uk


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