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http://commervanspares.co.uk/shop/engine-transmission/gearbox/top-cover We are nearly there.. A week or so of final edits and then we will be ready to go! We are very excited to be bringing you this book, which we hope will be read by cricketers young and old, girls and boys of all ages and talked about in dressing rooms up and down the country!

Lyrica cheap price As we build up to our release date in October, we wanted to make available a few sections from the book which you might find useful. We will also be making a section of the book available for free download so you can see where we are coming from with A Leading Edge for Captains.

We are very grateful to the captains of cricket teams, umpires and coaches from around the world who have been kind enough to share their thoughts on captaincy which will be included in the book. It has been a great exercise to find out the advice and thoughts on captaincy which captains with experience consider important to pass on to younger players. We hope you also enjoy reading their words which you will find sprinkled throughout the book!

We intend this to be the first in a series of ‘Leading Edge’¬†books and have started with the initial planning for the next edition, ‘A Leading Edge for Bowlers’!

In the meantime, please find here a few pages which we hope you find useful!

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