National Schools Dice Golf Championship

“When can we play matches again?

As we head towards the second half term of the new school year, it is becoming increasingly clear that the children are missing competitive sport. Often, the opening questions of our hockey sessions at school are along the lines of, ‘Are we playing a match soon?’

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Whilst there have been a few inter-school competitive matches played this term, most have proven impossible under the current Covid-19 conditions. We want to offer the boys and girls in your school the opportunity to explore sport from wherever they are currently studying, remaining engaged and enthused by sport and activity.

A Leading Edge, bsporty & The Mintridge Foundation are pleased to present the
‘National Schools Dice Golf Championship’

Dice Sports offer children the opportunity to experience some of the emotions of sport, give them the chance to explore and compete from the safety of their classroom or home and find out a little more about a range of sports. The main aim is to create sports awareness and to help young people to begin a lifelong love of sports within an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Experiencing emotion in sport
Inspiring for the future

A Leading Edge is very pleased to team up with bsporty magazine and The Mintridge Foundation and Golphin with support from The Golf Foundation to create a fantastic opportunity for school children between the ages of 7 – 14 to enter their personal best score into the inaugural ‘National Schools Dice Golf Championship’.

  With The Masters beginning on 12th November, A Leading Edge, bsporty, The Mintridge Foundation & Golphin are asking for school children to play a round of dice golf during the week of Monday 9th November – Friday 13th November. This can be played during a wet play time, lunch time, wet weather games session, in a before or after school activity or at home if the child is currently distance learning. Simply register an interest by emailing requesting a DiceGolf Resource Pack, which contains all the rules, instructions and printable game sheets and scorecards. Rules can be printed or projected onto a white board meaning less sharing of printed material, whilst the children complete their round with a partner or in a small group. The game is simple to play, requiring a just a single dice and a pencil. The game is completely inclusive, allowing different ages, disabled students, distance learners and SEN students to all compete on a completely level playing field.  

How Do I Enter a Player’s Score?

Entry is free to any child in full time education between the ages of 7 – 13. Simply play the game and have your score verified by a member of staff, take a photo of the scorecard and send as an attachment from a school staff email account to

Keep up to date with your progress on where you can view the current leaders on the leader board, updated regularly throughout the week and featuring the best scores from around the UK.

Watch out for some of our sporting friends from various top-level sports who will be submitting their own personal best scores!

Pssst..! Don’t forget to have a look at the leader board of sporting stars who have played a round of Dice Golf on our course.. Can you beat our team of Super Stars to get around the course in less shots?



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