New Book Announcement: Dice Sports In a world dominated by screens, this book of wholesome, fun and easy to play sports games allows young people to explore some of the excitement of a variety of individual and team sports using a single dice away from the tablet and mobile phone.

In this book you will find rules for dice games for a selection of popular sports. Each game is accompanied by a brief explanation of the sport, where you can go to play it and some information on the governing bodies, making this selection of sports more accessible for the young players that we aim to inspire!

cheap generic Misoprostol no prescription Where did the idea come from?
On a summer holiday in France with my family a few years ago, the weather was awful. With a housebound young sports mad child with none of the creature comforts of home, we needed to think a little bit outside the box. He wanted to play football and cricket and hockey and netball, but there was no chance the weather was going to allow us outside to play anything.

I remembered my grandfather drawing the numbers 1-6 on the sides of a pencil and teaching me how to play cricket by rolling the pencil. Using the number showing face up on the pencil, we were able to play a form of cricket. This time, we had a dice at least, so it didn’t take long to work out how we could play a form of cricket on this rainy day.

That night, I got to thinking about how the concept could be applied to other sports. As it happened, some were much better suited than others, but after a while the list of sports and various rules for the dice sports began to grow. Over the holiday, my son got to play most of the sports he was hoping to as well as a few that we were able to introduce him to thanks to the growing list of sports we recreated.

An active interest in sport has been a huge influence in my life, and as an ex-director of sport, head of cricket and PE & Games teacher in various schools throughout my career as a schoolmaster, the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle has been one of my main messages to the children in my care. These dice games allow children to find out where they can play sport, a few of the basic rules and act as a great introduction to a variety of team sports for young people. The fact that they help build confidence in numeracy as well as keeping children entertained on long journeys or wet summer days is rather a bonus!

The book is due to be released in time for Christmas 2019, making this a fantastic stocking filler for any young person who wants to find out about the joys of sport and give them to opportunity to play versions of them whatever the weather outside!

Patrick Latham


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