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Pregabalin online no prescription As educationalists, Wes & Patrick love nothing more than to see effort met with improvement and achievement. As players, they were both fortunate to play with & against, as well as to learn from some incredible cricketers, building up a vast knowledge and understanding of the game over years of talking, and thinking about cricket. Working in schools and with young adults at university since finishing playing, the pair have gained huge experience in coaching, enjoying the rewards that come with watching and assisting in the development of young people both as cricketers and growing into fine young men and women.

Since writing ‘Cricket: A Leading Edge for Captains’, Wes & Patrick have enjoyed speaking to many people about the book, it’s value in developing life skills and management of teams in industry and the workplace as well as within cricket. The time has come to offer ‘A Leading Edge’ to a wider audience and to introduce an online coaching and mentoring service to cricketers of all ages and abilities.

As we move through an uncertain 2020, with a growing experience of living our lives in a different way and developing our understanding (and tolerance) of MS Teams, Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.. Wes & Patrick want to bring coaching to you wherever you are around the world and offer accessible, affordable first class coaching to help you improve your cricket.

Through the submission of video footage of you batting or bowling, A Leading Edge offer a number of package options which can be tailored to your needs, age and ability. There is nothing like a person on your side who you can call and discuss success, failure, worries and hopes with honesty and trust. Wes & Patrick at A Leading Edge are ready to help you on your way to be the best you can be.

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